Encore Club

September 27, 2011 sarsie1901


Encore, formerly known as Embassy   is situated at The Fort Entertainment Complex Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City Metro Manila and  is considered to be the most famous and of course expensive clubs in Manila. Entrance fee is 800 pesos free of two drinks. It is also where the socialites, models and artists hang out. It is also popular not only in in the locals but also with foreigners and tourists that are looking for something to check out while they are in the Philippines. The club is very strict and getting in is so hard because of requirements like dress code or age.

The former club was notorious for brawls and rumbles but after the club was ordered to be closed, the management decided to change its concept in attracting more matured clienteles from younger crowd. Moreover, the club has also installed several closed-circuit television cameras within and without, a monitoring station and has also several security officers and security guards for the safety of the customers.

Encore features Jazz nights, ballroom dancing, and stand up comedy film screening unlike the former wild disco parties. They have two rooms which plays different music genre. the first one plays hip hop and the other is for techno lovers. There are a lot of awesome drinks to choose from. Ladies drink, beer, champagne and even non alcoholic drinks like tea and water, they all have that. Music is nice and DJ’s are the best. The architecture is great and suited for the concept.  Interior is not boring and very classy. This is indeed a place to spend with friends, business partners or even family.  Party goers  will surely have a great time and remarkable experience.



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