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Filipinos loves to eat that’s why they are also known for cooking unique and delicious dishes. Here are some Philippines’ very own delicacies.

1. Lechon.

Lechon is a Spanish word meaning “suckling pig”. In the Philippines, there are different kinds of Lechon, there is what we call Lechon Manok , Lechon Baka and of course Lechon Baboy which is very popular and  has become a part of the lives of the Filipino’s. It is usually prepared when celebrating special occasions like birthdays, baptisms, graduation and weddings even during holidays. Some call this the STAR of the occasion. In addition, it is  usually served during festivals in several parts of the country like Dingyang, Kadayawan or Moriones.  There is even a festival that celebrates the Lechon in Balayan Batangas. This is usually served with a sweet gravy made out of liver.

2. Bibingka

It is also known as rice cake. It is a made out of  a mixture of flour ground Glutinous rice sugar and egg cooked in a pot like container wrapped with banana leaves placed between a pan with a live charcoal. It is usually topped with coconut when served. It is popular especially during holiday season. People would buy one whenever they attend Misa De Gallo.

3. Taho

Taho is a popular street food in the Philippines and can be found all over the country. It is made out of  soft tofu, syrup and pearl sago. It is famous especially with kids. This is sold by someone called Magtataho. The Magtataho carries two aluminum bucks which hangs from each end of a large stick of wood. While carrying it, he shouts “Tahooo!” to attract prospect buyers. Because of the increasing demand, entrepreneurs made it even more delicious by adding up flavors like strawberry.

4. Halo-halo

Halo halo is a popular Filipino dessert made of mixture of shaved ice and evaporated milk topped with boiled kidney beans, coconut sport, sugar palm, jack fruit, gulaman, sago, sweet potato, ube , leche flan, sugar and nata de coco and sometimes topped with ice cream placed in a bowl or a tall glass. When eating it, the ingredients should be mixed until the ube color has appeared. It is mostly available during summer season and is sold usually in a neighborhood, but because of high demands, restaurants and other food chains offer it with a more attractive presentation.

5. Ihaw-ihaw

Ihaw ihaw is a popular  street food in the Philippines which includes chicken feet, head, intestines, blood  boiled with a flavor and of course barbecue. It is then grilled while customers are waiting for their orders. It is dipped in a vinegar with onions when eaten. It is usually seen in the market, in the streets or even in the neighborhood. It is one of the most popular merienda of the Filipinos.


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When it comes to food, Philippines’ cuisine is known for its combination of  sweet, sour and salty flavors which gives a pleasing taste and satisfaction.  Truly, Philippines has that uniqueness that even other nationalities loves.

Filipinos loves to eat, that’s one trait that a Filipino like me is sure to have. And because of that, Filipino’s likes to try and cook different foods that is EXOTIC AND YET, DELICIOUS. here are a short list of the famous exotic delicacies of the Filipinos:

1.   Kamaro (Mole Crickets) 

Is a mole cricket that burrows in the moist soil of growing rice fields of Pampanga. These mole crickets are the most delicious pulutan in Pampanga. They catch this by stomping next to it causing them to move that causes an easy catch. When cooking, the wings and legs should be removed first,and then the body which had been boiled in vinegar and garlic is then sauteed with oil, onion and tomatoes till they become chocolate brown in color. It is crunchy outside and juicy inside.


2. Kilawing bunog (raw young of a mudfish)

Bunog is a young mud fish. Kilawing bunog are eaten raw which flavored with vinegar, citrus juice, salt and papper.

3. Tamilok

Tamilok or Mangrove Worm is a worm like mangrove-boring mollusk. This can be found in large areas of Palawan . Most people there sell this for their living. These are eaten raw with a flavor of vinegar, onion and chili.


4. Fried beetle or Pritong Salagubang

This is common especialy in Provinces of the Philippines. This is usuually can be found in mango trees. It is crunchy and tasty. Some says it tastes like fried chicken.

5. Balut

Balut is a Duck’s egg fertilized for about 17 to 28 days. It is rich in protein and also known as an aphrodisiac. It is hard boiled  and usually eaten with vinegar, chili and salt. It is usually available in the afternoon or evening. The largest producer is found in Pateros Metro Manila

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