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Nipa Hut Restaurant

Nipa Hut Restaurant is located at Capt. Henry P. Javier St., Oranbo Pasig City, Metro Manila Philippines. It is a native restaurant that offers the typical Filipino foods like sisig, sinigang, crispy pata, alcoholic drinks like beer and other foods that basically can be bought in a carinderia. But what is different in this place is that they present their food like in a first class restaurant.

Aside from great foods and menus, because their concept is the native style, the waitresses and waiters are dressed in native attire looking like those folk dancers in school. But the most special thing about this place is its location. The place is situated in an elevated part of Pasig City which will give the customers a beautiful Tgaytay-like view of  the City of Pasig, the lights, the street even the factories and buildings.

Moreover, the place has ample space for its regular customers and people who loves to enjoy their night. There is also a live band that performs every now and then.The simplicity of the place fits in a simple get together of families and friends.


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Ima’s Gulay Bar

Ima’s Gulay Bar is a restaurant which vegetarians and vegetable lovers will surely love. It is located at Fernandes Street, Puerto Prinsesa, Palawan Philippines. It is run by a couple named Aling Ima and Mang Sami.

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They feature the best vegetable cuisine and delicacies that some aren’t easy to find.  From Mexican to Chinese, from pizza to enchilada, they all serve that. White polished rice is not on their menu, they serve mostly organic brown rice. Aside from that they also offer pasta, rice dishes, desserts and appetizers, sandwiches and of course fresh fruit shakes and juices at a very affordable price.

Theirs is a place small and simple yet very cozy decorated by wooden displays and decorations, not as famous and as expensive like first class restaurants but amazing nonetheless.

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